What Women Read (on What Women Write)

Skolani Warrior, blade over shouldersToday I have the pleasure of being a guest on my good friend Kim Bullock‘s blog, What Women Write. Kim’s a very talented writer I met through Writer Unboxed, and she and I serve together on The WU Mod Squad–the moderating team for the WU group page. Kim is a talented writer, and I’ve had the opportunity to read her manuscript and sure-to-soon-be-a-hit-book, The Oak Lovers, based on the fascinating life and times of her great-grandfather, painter Carl Ahrens. She shares contributing duties on What Women Write with five other talented writers, so being invited to post there was a bit daunting. Being a guy was just a small part of it. But, since it’s almost Independence Day here in the US, I decided to take a bit of a gamble, and write my take on what women read. I figure this time of year, even with the chance it’ll be a dud, or worse, blow up in my face, it’s worth the risk. If it flies, it could be fun to watch the fireworks.

So please join me on What Women Write, for my take on What Women Read!

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6 comments on “What Women Read (on What Women Write)

  1. ddfalvo says:

    Goodness! This sounds a bit like walking into a Skolani camp, doesn’t it? Good thing you’re invited. 😛 Can’t wait to read . . . headed over now.


  2. I’m currently redrafting a historical fiction work with a strong female lead, so I empathise with the article. Transposing 21st century, 21-year-old male mindset into 17th century, 31-year-old female characterisation can seem a daunting task!


    • I’m glad the piece resonated for you, Robbie. I wish I’d started at an earlier age. You’ve really got a leg up on me. Staying true to your vision of your characters, whatever their era, gender or age, is what will form that emotional connection with your readers (as I’m sure you know). Thanks for reading and commenting, and best of luck with your projects!


  3. Great job on the article, Vaughn. I left a comment on the other blog. 🙂


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