Community Revisited – Watching the Ripples Roll (WU Redirect)

Whitecaps at Hazelhurst 143I’ve noticed that in past redirects to Writer Unboxed, I always use the term “honored,” as in: “I’m honored to be on WU.” And with good reason. It is an honor. I consider everything I do for WU to be an not just an honor for me, but good writerly karma. My writing life has been so blessed by everything this community has offered me over the years. I really do wonder if I’d still be writing if I hadn’t found WU. After I finished a first draft of the trilogy, and submitted it (way too early) to agents and editors for a unanimous rejection, I spent a few months thinking that was it. I gave the writing thing a shot, and it didn’t work out. I’m not sure if I could’ve lived with the regret, but that shrugging sort of attitude prevailed for a time. Then I discovered WU, and I discovered my journey wasn’t over, it was just beginning. I caught the WU wave that day, and I’m still riding it.

So with that in mind, allow me to say I am honored to redirect you to the source of my writerly wave, Writer Unboxed, for my article: Community Revisited, Watching the Ripples Roll.

[Photo by Vaughn Roycroft]