The Three-Phase Writer – Redirect to A Thought Grows

Today I am happy to be the guest at Julie Luek‘s lovely blog, A Thought GrowsJean-Francois-Millet - Rabbit Warren at Dawn-1867. I first came to know Julie on the comment board of the WU blog. Then we became Facebook friends, and realized we both love walking in nature and dogs–an excellent basis for a friendship, don’t you think?

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been a bit scarce this summer. No, I wasn’t “reverse hibernating,” although I do love autumn and winter. In the post I explain my whereabouts, and my partial absence in the writerly online community. And I even compare that very community to, of all things, a rabbit’s warren.

So head on over, if you would, and join me at A Thought Grows for The Three-Phase Writer.