Interview on Writing the Dream – Redirect

Walking Belle on the BeachHappy New Year, friends! Today we start with a fresh slate. It’s a time of year to contemplate change. I had the honor of being interviewed on the subject of life-change by Erika Liodice for her lovely blog Writing the Dream. Erika and I met through Writer Unboxed, but got to know one another when we were both book reviewers for the old Reader Unboxed site. Now we are both columnists for the WU newsletter, Writer Inboxed. If you’re not receiving your copy of Writer Inboxed, you can sign up here.

Erika really got me thinking about what compelled me to finally chase my writing dreams. It really takes a leap of faith, and much of that faith must be faith in yourself. It’s not easy, and I still struggle with self-belief today, almost ten years later. So I wish for you all to find your inner strength and the resolve to pursue your dreams in the year to come. ┬áPlease head on over. I hope you enjoy the interview, and if you have a minute, please give me your thoughts.