Author Journeys Interview – Redirect to John Robin’s Blog

 Autumn HazelhurstWU–Friendship Fountainhead: I’ve recently gotten to know a fellow fantasy writer, John Robin, and you’ll never guess where. Just kidding. I know you’ve guessed we became acquainted through Writer Unboxed–where else? John was kind enough to select me as his first subject for a new series he’s calling Author Journeys. I’m grateful. In the process, John and I discovered we have much in common as writers. I’m looking forward to watching his journey unfold.

The Road Goes Ever On: I’ve been interviewed before, and I’ve interviewed others, but John’s offer came at a good time for me. I recently came to a fork in my writerly road, and I’ve finally decided which path forward I will take. I haven’t abandoned the trilogy, but I’m going to set it aside for a few months. I think a break from book one rewrites will do me some good. Instead I have been working on a rewrite of my fourth manuscript, The Severing Son, which is the story of the rise and fall of Vahldan the Bold–the father of Thaedan, the primary protagonist of the the trilogy. It’s a long one–the longest of four very long manuscripts. I can now see how this book can be broken into yet another trilogy–one that will precede The Broken Oaths trilogy.  Two of my very dear friends and colleagues have been gracious enough to read The Severing Son and their praise and insightful critique have me very excited to dig into the project. Hopefully the work will lead me back to a rewrite of book one of Broken Oaths with a fresh outlook.

So you see, the chosen path will most likely lead me back to the characters that brought me to this crazy-making dance. It may be the long way around, but it seems fitting. I’ve rarely taken the easy road, but I continue to learn a lot along the way.

Please head over to John’s blog, and share a bit of your journey, and take a minute to check out what John is up to.  Happy Independence Day to my American friends. Happy summer to all!

6 comments on “Author Journeys Interview – Redirect to John Robin’s Blog

  1. John Robin says:

    All the best with your decision to set your trilogy aside. If it makes you feel any better, I set a trilogy side about two years ago and this last week, while sorting out my desk (finally, for the first time in more than two years), I had the opportunity to sift through all the plans. It’s wonderful to know I will get there eventually, to set it away as a keystone and know I’m building laying the other stones carefully. (In actuality, that “trilogy” will probably be a series about as long as the Wheel of Time, but the stories and many notes will still form the foundation). Moving away from something we have immersed ourselves in can be hard when we feel like we’re leaving it behind for good, but us writers…we’re the creative bunch! We always find ways to return, and make it even better.
    Happy writing!


    • I personally think the longer the better. Go on and get all Jordan-esque with it, John! 😉

      I agree, it’s a bit difficult to move on, but my gut tells me it’s the right thing. Wishing you the best!


      • John Robin says:

        I’m sure we’ll compare experiences on the way (blogs and the WU Facebook are so handy; what ever was I thinking when I decided writing a book should be a solitary process?).
        As for length…YES! The real challenge is making every single page exciting, but thanks to our wonderful tribe of collaborators, we’ve got the cutting edge tools to stay on top of it.


  2. marcymckay says:

    Congrats to John & Vaughn for forging a new friendship, and especially to you Vaughn for making a decision. I’m envious. I’m at my own fork in the road and it’s TORTUROUS, but the answer just isn’t clear yet. Such is life….


    • Hey Marcy! I’ve spent a lot of time agonizing over this one. I actually had a very long phone conversation with a writing mentor and dear friend that helped me to see the correct path forward. We get by with a little help from our friends, right? Wishing you clear vision and joyous forging ahead, my friend! Have a great weekend!


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