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Gas Flame in handsToday I have the honor of contributing to the Writer Unboxed blog. And it really is an honor. As most of you know, WU is the home-base of my writing community. I’m a moderator on the WU group page, and a contributor for Writer Inboxed, the WU newsetter. But it’s just such a special thrill for me to be a featured contributor to the main page–among some of my all-time favorite bloggers and mentors.

Today’s post is about dealing with writerly waiting. Which is hell. Sorry I haven’t offered anything here in a few weeks. I wrote the WU post a little while back, when I was just coming out of a waiting period. I’ve since finished another rewrite of book one of my trilogy, which is what’s kept me from blogging. It’s about to go back out into the world. Once again I’m banking my writerly embers for the long haul.  So rereading my own words on this is particularly helpful. I hope so for some of you, too.

So please join me over on WU for A Writerly Pilot Light.

Image credit: <a href=’http://www.123rf.com/photo_7708392_hands-holding-a-flame-gas.html’>pakhnyushchyy / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

13 comments on “A Writerly Pilot Light – Writer Unboxed Redirect

  1. ddfalvo says:

    Love the pic! Looking forward to the read. It’ll be awesome, as always, I’m sure.


  2. Julie Luek says:

    On my way over– congratulations on the contributions. Speaks well of your writing.


    • Julie, just so you know, I haven’t forgotten about our other collaboration. As I say, I actually wrote this post a while back. I’m very close to finishing my editing notes, though. Be in touch soon. 🙂


  3. sheilaklewis says:

    Hi Vaughn, seems my first reply was swallowed up. I loved your Pilot piece, and yes, waiting is hellish. I find if I can ease into a meditative self acceptance that this is just an aspect of the (writer’s) human condition, I can move on a bit, even if it’s to read or do some other work, or maybe clean a closet. Thanks for keeping it burning, and keep it bright.


    • Sorry for the delay, Sheila, you landed in moderation. Coincidentally, I just started doing a bit of meditation (at a mentor’s behest). It’s been a real boon. And cleaning a closet is always a good backup plan. Thanks for reading and commenting!


      • sheilaklewis says:

        thank you, anytime. Newberry award winning author Rebecca Stead said that authors need to work hard not to feel useless when they are working on long term projects, like novels. Keep meditating and see posts on that in my blog. Sheila


  4. sheilaklewis says:

    commented again…thanks for keeping the pilot light bright, and writers are only human.


  5. M.L. Swift says:

    About to head over. My WU participation has been lax lately…just…so…busy! I still have to read Jan’s!


  6. Thought you should know that I sort of used your Pilot post as a springboard to write something similar on my blog, with some reflections on your words as a preamble! Hope you won’t mind that I took inspiration from you. 🙂


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