Sailing Through a Critique–Redirect to Christi Craig’s Writing Under Pressure

Stormy Sea with Sailing Boats, by Jacob Van RuisdaelI am honored to be guest-posting again on another really beautiful blog. This time it’s Christi Craig’s Writing Under Pressure. Christi and I met through Writer Unboxed (I know, I say that a lot–WU has truly been a blessing). We connected on the WU Facebook group page back when there were a lot fewer of us there. I started reading Christi’s posts long before I started blogging myself, so she is one of my mentors for the form. I’m really looking forward to having her here, as well.

Christi wanted me to discuss having a full manuscript professionally critiqued, which I have now been through three times. Writing the piece is a nice reminder. I doubt being critiqued ever really gets easier, but we as writers can continue to become more adept at responding to them. With that in mind, head on over. If you get a minute, share your thoughts. Hope to see you there!

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