Visualize Your Way to Success – Hugs & Chocolate Redirect

I am honored to be guest-posting over at Hugs and Chocolate today, talking about my process for visualizing a new scene. No, it’s not napping!

If you’ve never visiting H&C, you clearly haven’t been reading my column in the WU newsletter, where I’ve spotlighted two of their links. Okay, enough scolding–here’s your chance to atone. And once you’re there, hang out awhile and check out the archives. It is a virtual treasure trove of writerly wisdom, and the  six talented bloggers are building a vibrant and supportive tribe there.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who follow this blog. This venture is still new, but it has already been more rewarding than I ever could’ve hoped it to be. I am humbled by your support and very grateful.

6 comments on “Visualize Your Way to Success – Hugs & Chocolate Redirect

  1. Maureen Culp says:

    Got my email. Great post, honey!!


  2. liz says:

    Oh Vaughn. Chocolate? I am so there.


  3. It is easy to support someone who writes great posts! Going over to H&C now…


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